Leaning Into The Wu-Wu

I recently attended a Spiritual Leaders retreat at Kirpalu Center nestled in the mountains of Western Massachusetts.  This three day gathering was designed for folks in a variety forms of spiritual leadership- pastors, rabbis, religion professors, hospital chaplains. We gathered from across the United States to ask deep questions about mental, spiritual, and physical health. […]

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Unimportant Details

We have a flood of details in our world and in our lives. Whenever you go to the grocery store (though now maybe it’s a little less) there is a barrage of details. Simply walk down the bread isle- it can be whole wheat- 12 grain- whole grain- white- Texas. Your bread can be sugar […]

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Power of Prayer

When I was a little girl I remember thinking prayer was like some cosmic barter and trade system with the Divine.  My prayer list was like a Christmas list. If I was good enough then God, aka Santa, would gift me with my wishes and hopes.  If I took the time to pray and lift […]

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I’m So Tired

Like many folks during college I barely slept. I remember waking up early for morning cross country practices and then going to bed late into the evening cramming in some last minute studying or paper writing that I surely procrastinated. It might have just been that energetic state of young adulthood where the world was […]

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Tell It How It Is

My Dad’s cousin, the Owen family, own the only funeral parlor in their tiny town in southern Virginia. My Dad and uncles laugh telling stories of playing hide and go seek- crawling into the coffins in the display room only to jump out and scare one another. Growing up as a pastor’s kid I was […]

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Only So Far

When I was a little girl I loved the childhood game of red light-green light.  Not necessarily because I was a good rule follower, but because I loved sneaking. I loved trying to edge my way forward while the leader scanned the group to see who’d “run the red light.” Having worked with younger ones […]

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Making Sense of Chaos

Our family had a funny tradition growing up. After Sunday services we would go home from church and there was mandated quiet time so that my introverted clergy father could have a chance to recharge. But later that evening over the dinner table my father would patiently listen as my brother and I picked apart […]

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Life and Death

I have a friend who on the day she discovered she was pregnant was so overwhelmed with the excitement and joy of life coming into this world that she called and left a voicemail, her voice radiating over the phone. But later in the day, when she and I spoke, her mood was much more […]

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I was a gymnast until I was twelve. I would go into the gym multiple times a week and then travel on the weekends for various meets. But when I turned twelve I was hit with the desire to be like any “normal” preteen. The thing preteens everywhere crave, feeling normal.  For me this was […]

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