Unless You Can Change

I grew up in a generation where we were told when you grow up “you can be anything you set your mind to!” This is a beautiful sentiment for children as the possibilities and potential seem limitless. Whether through being a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, a marine biologist, or future president I could do anything. As […]

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That’s Just Not Fair

Like many small children I was enormously focused on “fairness” especially when I felt that I was getting the short end of the stick. How big was my brother’s piece of birthday cake? Why did my parents seem to notice my outburst while oblivious to his snide comments? These concerns were the superficial and at […]

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40 days- 40 years- 40 weeks

There is a different timbre to each Lenten season- this time in the Christian church when we prepare ourselves for the joy of Easter by entering into a time of reflection and contemplation. If I am honest there have been Lents where my performative piety has been executed with the precision of a croix du soleil […]

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