The Power of Privilege

There is so much that has happened this week. There has been so much drama and excitement, beauty and horror.  Jesus’ feet were anointed, he turned tables at the temple, he broke bread with his disciples, and reminded them of the great commandment “love one another.” Jesus has been betrayed and denied, tried and crucified. […]

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The Greater Good

Every year in the Joyner home we would always watch either Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar- both in all their seventies glory. To this day I keep the tradition, though I must confess I am a much bigger Jesus Christ Superstar fan (the whole clown thing never really translated for me).  So, this past week […]

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Is It Really That Simple

Today in the Christian Church we celebrate Maundy Thursday, Maundy coming from the Latin “mandatum” or “mandate.”  In this moment, this Holy Week, Jesus gives his disciples and us, a mandate- a commandment- to love one another. Being a follower of Christ is both that simple and that complicated. We are called to love one […]

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Night Hikes

We feel in love in the mountains. Our first dates were winter hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The thrill of new love and the thrill of overly ambitious hikes mixed together in a perfect concoction of chemical releases.  We were lucky that are naivete and ambition never led to anything other than […]

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There’s Always Something

This is a refrain my husband Dan and I use regularly in our home, “there’s always something.”  In general our lives are privileged- we have jobs we love, safe and meaningful relationships, and a place to call home. But our lives are also not perfect the basement sometimes leaks when it rains, there are the […]

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In the Know

As a little girl the only time busier than Christmas for my family, with a preacher father- would start on Palm Sunday and end Easter morning. This busy time is known as Holy Week, when Christians across the world mark Jesus entering into Jerusalem, his last meal with his disciples, his arrest, trial, crucifixion, death […]

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No I Really Mean It

I grew up in a three strikes home. It was clear that what an adult said held sway. They were not joking. They really meant it. For any indiscretion you would: 1. Be told what you were doing was not okay and why 2. A reminder of #1 with the potential consequences of your actions […]

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Learning the Lessons of Time

I am sitting writing this by our fire pit in the back yard- a little blaze going with all the yard debris we have collected over fall and winter. The ducks are quacking happily, and the warm spring sun is shining down- hopefully not turning my pasty white skin red (yes Mom I did put […]

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